Cucumber, grape and watercress juice
Cucumber, grape and watercress juice



  • 4 cups Cucumber
  • 2 cups grapes
  • ½ cup watercress
  • ½ teaspoon cumin

How to make Cucumber, grape, and watercress juice

Cucumber, grape and watercress juice

This recipe is just as good on a warm summer’s evening to cool you down as it is on a cold winter’s day to boost your energy.

Peel and roughly cut the Cucumber. Place all the grapes in the blender and pulse a few times.

This will be enough to allow you to strain the grapes to remove any seeds.

Pour the grape juice back into the blender and add the Cucumber, watercress, and cumin. Blend until it is smooth.

Many people may wonder why we would put watercress in a juice when it doesn’t have a lot of flavors.

When the watercress is left uncooked, it has a hint of pepper to add flavor to our juice. If you don’t have a watercress to hand, use freshly ground pepper. Add enough for your taste.

Fresh cucumbers have a bitter taste when it becomes sour as the Cucumber starts to age. Therefore, we would advise you to check the taste of the Cucumber before blending your juice to be on the safe side.

Cucumber is fresh and nutritious and is brilliant for people who suffer from skin allergies.

Grapes will make the juice sweeter. It is a beautiful antioxidant and can help with acne. Cumin pairs well with several fruits and vegetables.

It gives the juice a taste of Asia without adding spice.

This recipe should make about six glasses of juice, more if you are going to pour it over ice. Then, if you have guests, add half a slice of lemon.

A splash of color will also encourage those who aren’t so keen on their greens.

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