Best Hurom Juicer For You
Best Hurom Juicer For You

This is the ultimate buyer’s guide to the best Hurom Juicer.

We recommend using Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer, Matte Black, as it is high-quality.

If you’re looking for a high-quality juicer that’s easy to use and designed with your health in mind, the Hurom Juicer may be perfect.

The patented blade design ensures maximum juice extraction while minimizing oxidation due to its slow rotation speed of 60 RPMs.

It produces an optimal quality puree without any heat or foam created by friction on blades and plates.

It also eliminates clogs from pulp buildup at the top because of its unique feed chute design, which only allows liquid into the pitcher during operation – no more need for manual cleaning!

With all these features combined, we think this is one great option that will not disappoint if you decide to try it.

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The Best Hurom Juicer

The Hurom Juicer is a product that provides the best of both worlds.

It’s not just more straightforward to use than other juicers. It also has an extra-wide feed chute, making getting your product in there much less time-consuming and more efficient.

You can even juice through leafy greens with this machine without any problems!

If you’re looking for a new juicing device but don’t want to spend hours on research because you have better things to do, then we recommend checking out the Hurom Juicer today.

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Best Hurom Juicer for You in 2022

Buying a juicer can be a challenging job. How do you know which is one best for you with all the different models and brands accessible?

Not all juicers are created equal. There are essential differences between the many models and brands on the market today. If you are looking for the best standard juice with the least effort, you need to buy a Hurom juicer for you in 2022.

The best Hurom juicer is suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy fresh, fit juice every day. The slow juicers extract more juice from vegetables and fruits while preserving essential minerals and vitamins.

Plus, the unique design makes them simple to use and clean.

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Hurom Juicers Reviews 2022

Hurom HP Slow Juicer

It comes in an attractive design with subtle sweeping curves. The juicer is also accessible in pink, white, and green color options. So you can go for the one that will amazingly blend in with your decoration. The juicer is also safe for people who have kids since it does not have any quick edges.

Unlike centrifugal juicers, this model does not use top-speed blades or heat ingredients. It uses a natural slow squeeze motion to extract the juice. The liquid will retain its cellular structure and natural shade. That way, oxidation does not occur, and you will end up with tasty juice.

The juicer comes with a fine filter, so your juice will forever be pulp-free. It can also manage vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, and nuts. The best thing about it is that it is simple to clean.

Reason brings, its inner spinning brush simultaneously cleans the filter and the chamber as it rotates. That, in turn, raises juicing efficiency and decreases clogging. The process reduces the effort you will need to clean the juicer.

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Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer

The Juicers pulp outlet is one of the specs that make it simple to clean. You can open the outlet up to 180 degrees. That makes it simple to clean the chamber by removing any remaining pulp.

Users also love how they do not generally deal with messy counters, thanks to the design of the juicer. Its outlet and chamber have a three-degree tilt for simple pouring. That is why you are less likely to spill some juice when serving.

It is one of the top Hurom masticating juicers in the market for people who love pure, fresh, and unprocessed juice. The juicer does not have a mesh display.

Instead, Hurom nested two plastic strainers combined. It produces perfect and airy juice, matched to other models. You will also get a high yield thanks to its slow squeeze technology.

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Hurom HH-SBB11 Elite Slow Juicer

The slow juicer is the second generation of the Hurom classic series. It specs a quiet squeezing technology and the most advanced twin-winged auger that permits this juicer to get more than thirty-five percent extra juices than others and promises delicious flavor and sensitive nutrients like Vitamin C and Vitamin A will be retained at a very high level.

This gadget can handle both soft and hard fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and other ingredients with a wide feed mouth. All the parts are made a hundred percent dishwasher safe and BPA free.

The inside brush will rotate to clean the filter and chamber simultaneously to stop clogging and make a breeze clean. The motor uses 150 watts of power, and rotating at 43 RPMs will give you a silent juicing experience.

Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer

This slow juicer is one of the quietest juicers, with a speed of just forty-three rotations per minute. It permits you to grind up all ingredients and release as many nutrients without burning or cooking.

This device can collect more than thirty-five extra juice with the second-generation slow squeeze technology. Further, this model can juice fruits, leafy greens, vegetables, nuts, and even tofu or ice cream without having to switchblades and attachments along the way.

This ABS-plastic model is a hundred percent BPA-free and dishwasher safe for more simple cleaning. You can get a top-level of control over the juice as well: different levelers control the amount of filtration, helps you to get rid of pulp altogether, or include texture into your product.

The motor is solid and efficient. It operates at 43 RPMs and uses just 150 watts of power to give a silent juicing process.

Hurom H-AF Slow Juicer

This slow juicer has become one of the top juicers globally with slick engineering, charming industrial design, and top-tier underlying technology.

The new slow squeeze technology of Hurom H-AF, with a speed of forty-three revolutions per minute, is versatile enough to masticate all of your items regardless of how soft or hard they are, which permits you to put pretty much vegetables and fruits or nuts into this juicer and still get excellent outcomes without any hesitating about breaking up your system.

With the unique low-speed drill, this device will squeeze every drop of juice into bone-dry pulp for providing you with the best standard of juice.

Besides, it is simple to clean. The inside spinning brush rotates to clean the filter and chamber simultaneously to stop clogging and increase juicing efficiency.

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Are Hurom juicers worth it?

Hurom juicers are a high-standard brand with a price tag to match. Anyway, they provide many advantages and specs that other juicers do not, such as the capability to make soy milk, rice milk, and almond milk in addition to fresh fruit juices.

They are also made from solid materials that would not rust if exposed to water regularly, as other machines might do after being washed.

Which juicer is better, Omega or Hurom?

Omega and Hurom are both high-standard brands. They provide many specs and advantages that others juicers do not, such as the capability to make almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, and fresh fruit juices.

Hurom is better because it is made from a solid material that would not rust if exposed to water regularly, as other machines might do after being washed often.

Hurom H200 Self-Feeding Juicer | Juicer Review

Hurom H400 Easy Clean Slow Juicer, Matte Black | Hands Free | Hopper Fits Whole Produce | Quiet Motor | Scrub Free Cleaning | BPA Free | Easy Assembly | Healthy Living | Cold Press Masticating Juicer

$549.00  in stock
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as of November 29, 2023 3:28 am


  • EASY CLEAN TECHNOLOGY - The H400 is equipped with an Easy Clean chamber set, which includes a two-part auger and meshes together to strain out pulp-free juice. The individual parts all detach from each other which saves you on cleaning and scrubbing time.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY - We’ve further streamlined the internal juicing mechanism, reducing the amount of pieces one needs to assemble to get started. The H400’s intuitive design is excellent for juicing veterans and beginners alike.
  • LARGE SELF-FEEDING HOPPER - The H400 comes with a high volume self-feeding hopper. This change is complemented by a larger opening, and a larger inlet to add more ingredients while the juicer is still running.
  • HIGH-YIELD - Our unique slow squeeze difference allows the auger to squeeze every single drop of juice out of your produce. This leaves you with the highest yield and the least amount of pulp across any Easy Clean model.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN - The H400 continues our commitment to design excellence. It features a gauge window on the front of the body which highlights the rich colors of your juice, which also allows you to intuitively monitor how full its chamber is.

Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer, Matte Black

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  • Design: With a streamlined design that includes smooth curves that gradually become slimmer in the back, the H-AA brings you stylish, yet modern beauty
  • Natural: The H-AA rotates at a speed of just 43 revolutions per minute, designed This patented Slow Squeeze Technology ensures your juice retains all of its natural nutrients
  • The H-AA comes with a control lever and fine and coarse strainers that allow you to control the amount of pulp to suite your taste
  • Versatility: Works on fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and soybeans to create nutritious juices, milk, tofu, and more. The H-AA also has the ability to create ice cream with frozen ingredients
  • 120 AC Voltage, power consumption 150 Watts

Hurom H310A Personal Self Feeding Slow Masticating Juicer (Matte Black)

$349.00  in stock
as of November 29, 2023 3:28 am


  • Self-Feeding Hopper V2: The H310 Slow Juicer comes with an upgraded self-feeding hopper that is smaller than the H200’s but still fits whole-sized fruits.
  • Small & Lightweight: With a diameter of just 4 inches and weight less than 8 pounds, the H310 will take up little space and put no strain on the hands.
  • Quality & Durability: Made from a BPA-free and impact-resistant ABS plastic body, our Slow Juicers are designed for daily use and are extremely durable. Plus, the H310’s heavy-duty Ultem strainer and auger are 8 times stronger than traditional plastics.
  • Safety: As with any other Hurom Slow Juicers, the H310 Slow Juicer is made of all BPA-free materials.
  • No-Strainer Chamber: The H310 introduces a revolutionary mechanism with no strainer. The strainer is practically embedded within the chamber and the two-part auger meshes together to strain out pulp-free juice – which means bare minimum cleaning for high-quality juice!

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