what colors do blender bottles come in
what colors do blender bottles come in

Step into a world of vibrant possibilities as we explore the kaleidoscope of colors that adorn the beloved Blender Bottles. From bold and electrifying hues to calming and sophisticated tones, these bottles offer a color palette that caters to every taste and style. Whether you want to make a statement with a pop of color or prefer a more subdued and timeless look, the Blender Bottle collection has got you covered. Join us on this colorful adventure as we unveil the array of shades that will brighten up your hydration routine.

Standard Colors


Our Blender Bottles are available in a clear option, allowing you to see the contents inside with ease. This classic and timeless choice is perfect for those who prefer simplicity and a clean look.


For a sleek and sophisticated design, our black Blender Bottles are a popular choice. The deep black color adds a touch of elegance and is perfect for those who want a bottle that matches their style.


If you prefer a clean and pristine look, our white Blender Bottles are the perfect choice. The crisp white color is both versatile and timeless, making it a popular option among our customers.


For a refreshing and vibrant look, our blue Blender Bottles are a fantastic choice. The calming blue color is reminiscent of clear skies and tranquil waters, making it ideal for those who want a bottle that exudes a sense of serenity.


Our pink Blender Bottles are a popular choice among those who want a bottle that embraces their feminine side. The soft and delicate pink color adds a touch of charm and is perfect for those who want to add a playful and vibrant element to their workout routine.


For a bold and energetic look, our red Blender Bottles are a great pick. The vibrant red color is perfect for those who want to make a statement and add a pop of color to their fitness routine.


If you’re looking for a color that represents freshness, our green Blender Bottles are an excellent choice. The vibrant green shade is reminiscent of nature and adds a vibrant and lively touch to your workout routine.


Our purple Blender Bottles are perfect for those who want to add a touch of royalty and elegance to their fitness routine. The deep purple hue is both regal and stylish, making it a standout choice.


For a vibrant and energetic look, our orange Blender Bottles are a great option. The bright orange color adds a touch of zest and liveliness to your workout routine, keeping you motivated and energized.


For a modern and sleek look, our gray Blender Bottles are a fantastic choice. The neutral gray color is versatile and goes well with any outfit, making it a popular option among our customers.

Special Editions

Limited Edition

In addition to our standard color options, we also offer limited edition Blender Bottles. These bottles feature unique and exclusive designs that are only available for a limited time. Keep an eye out for these special editions as they add a touch of exclusivity to your collection.


We are proud to collaborate with various brands and organizations to offer special edition Blender Bottles. These collaborations bring together the best of both worlds, combining our high-quality bottles with the unique aesthetics and designs of these brands. Stay tuned for these exciting collaborations.

Patterned Designs

If you’re looking for a more eye-catching and fun option, our patterned designs are the perfect choice. From geometric patterns to floral prints, these bottles add a touch of personality and style to your fitness routine. Express yourself with our wide range of patterned Blender Bottles.

Customizable Bottles

For those who want to add a personal touch to their Blender Bottles, we offer customizable options. These bottles allow you to choose your preferred color combination, add your name or initials, and even incorporate your favorite designs or logos. Create a one-of-a-kind bottle that is truly your own.

Additional Colors

Metallic Finishes

For a touch of luxury, our metallic finish Blender Bottles are an excellent choice. These bottles feature a shiny and reflective surface, adding a glamorous and elegant element to your workout routine.

Pastel Shades

If you prefer softer and more delicate colors, our pastel shade Blender Bottles are perfect for you. These bottles come in soothing and gentle hues, allowing you to enjoy your workout while surrounded by calming colors.

Neon Vibrant Colors

For those who want to make a bold statement, our neon vibrant color Blender Bottles are the way to go. These bottles feature bright and eye-catching hues that are sure to grab attention and add a lively element to your fitness routine.

Translucent Options

For a unique and contemporary look, our translucent Blender Bottles are a fantastic choice. These bottles offer a partially see-through design, allowing you to catch a glimpse of the contents inside while adding a touch of modernity to your workout routine.

Exclusive Collections

Sports Teams

Show your team spirit with our Blender Bottles featuring exclusive designs from various sports teams. These bottles allow you to represent your favorite team while staying hydrated during your workouts. Cheer on your team with pride and stay refreshed.

Fitness Brands

We have partnered with renowned fitness brands to bring you exclusive Blender Bottles featuring their logos and designs. These bottles are not only functional but also a stylish way to showcase your dedication to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Celebrity Collaborations

We are excited to collaborate with celebrities who share our passion for fitness and wellness. These exclusive Blender Bottles feature designs and signatures from your favorite stars, allowing you to feel connected to their journey while staying motivated during your workouts.

Popular Color Combinations

Black and Gray

The classic combination of black and gray is a popular choice among those who prefer a sleek and timeless look. This versatile duo goes well with any outfit and adds an air of sophistication to your fitness routine.

Blue and White

For a refreshing and clean look, the combination of blue and white is a favorite among our customers. The contrast between the calming blue hue and the crisp white shade adds a touch of elegance and a pop of color to your workout routine.

Pink and Purple

If you want a combination that is both vibrant and feminine, pink and purple are the way to go. This playful and energetic duo adds a fun and stylish element to your fitness routine, making it a popular choice among those who want to embrace their girly side.

Green and Black

The combination of green and black exudes a sense of freshness and edginess. This dynamic duo is perfect for those who want a bold and captivating look, adding a touch of personality to their workout routine.

Red and Black

If you want to make a bold statement, the combination of red and black is the ultimate choice. The vibrant red hue paired with the sleek black shade creates a visually striking contrast, making your Blender Bottle a standout accessory during your workouts.

White and Black

For a classic and versatile combination, white and black is a go-to choice. The clean white shade paired with the timeless black hue adds a touch of elegance to your fitness routine while seamlessly blending with any outfit.

Limited Edition Series


During special holidays and festive seasons, we release limited edition Blender Bottles with holiday-themed designs. These bottles celebrate the joy and spirit of the season, allowing you to add a touch of festivity to your workouts.

Seasonal Collections

With the changing seasons, we introduce limited edition Blender Bottles featuring designs inspired by nature and the elements. These bottles reflect the beauty of each season and offer a unique and exclusive option for our customers.

Color of the Year

To stay on-trend, we release limited edition Blender Bottles featuring the color of the year. These bottles are a must-have for those who want to embrace the latest color trends and stay ahead of the curve.

Anniversary Editions

To commemorate special milestones, we release limited edition Blender Bottles to celebrate our journey. These bottles feature exclusive designs and are a perfect way to show your support and love for our brand.

Color Availability by Bottle Size

20 oz Bottles

Our Blender Bottles in the 20 oz size are available in all the standard colors mentioned earlier. Whether you prefer a clear bottle or a vibrant colored one, we have a 20 oz option to suit your style and preferences.

28 oz Bottles

The 28 oz size of our Blender Bottles is also available in all the standard colors mentioned earlier. Whether you want a classic black or a vibrant pink, our 28 oz bottles have got you covered.

32 oz Bottles

Our 32 oz Blender Bottles are available in a wide range of standard colors, allowing you to choose the one that resonates with your personality and style. From elegant white to energetic green, we have a 32 oz option for everyone.

36 oz Bottles

For those who need a larger capacity, our 36 oz Blender Bottles are the perfect choice. These bottles are available in various standard colors and offer ample space to keep you hydrated throughout your workout.

40 oz Bottles

Our 40 oz Blender Bottles provide the largest capacity for those who need extra hydration. These bottles are available in a selection of standard colors, ensuring that you have a stylish and functional option for your water intake.

Materials and Finishes

BPA-Free Plastic

All our Blender Bottles are made from high-quality, BPA-free plastic. This ensures that your drinking experience is safe and free from harmful chemicals. Our plastic bottles are durable, lightweight, and easy to clean, making them ideal for your fitness routine.

Stainless Steel

For those who prefer a more robust option, we offer Blender Bottles made from stainless steel. These bottles are known for their durability and excellent insulation properties, keeping your beverages hot or cold for extended periods.


If you’re looking for a more elegant and environmentally friendly option, our glass Blender Bottles are a great choice. Made from high-quality glass, these bottles offer a clean and pure drinking experience, free from any plastic or metallic taste.

Rubberized Coating

Some of our Blender Bottles feature a rubberized coating for added grip and comfort during your workouts. This coating provides a non-slip surface, ensuring that your bottle stays securely in your hand, even when you’re sweating.

Powder-Coated Finish

For a stylish and vibrant option, some of our Blender Bottles come with a powder-coated finish. This finish adds a textured and matte appearance to the bottle, enhancing its visual appeal and providing additional durability.

Customizing Your Blender Bottle

Interchangeable Lids

We offer a wide range of interchangeable lids for our Blender Bottles. Whether you prefer a flip cap, a twist cap, or a straw lid, we have options to suit your drinking preferences. Customize your bottle with the lid that best fits your needs.

Accessory Packs

To further personalize your Blender Bottle, we offer accessory packs that include additional components such as extra lids, smart storage containers for supplements, and carrying straps. These packs allow you to tailor your bottle to your specific requirements.

Personalized Designs

Make your Blender Bottle truly your own by adding personalized designs. Whether it’s your name, a motivational quote, or a custom artwork, we offer services that allow you to personalize your bottle and make it unique to you.

Logo and Brand Printing

For businesses and organizations, we offer logo and brand printing services. Whether you want to promote your business or create a corporate gift, our logo printing options allow you to showcase your brand in a stylish and practical way.

Custom Color Mixing

If you can’t find the exact color you’re looking for, our custom color mixing service is available. Choose two or more colors from our range, and we will create a unique blend just for you, making your Blender Bottle truly one-of-a-kind.

Color Trends and Future Releases

Annual Color Updates

To keep up with the ever-changing preferences of our customers, we release annual color updates. These updates include new and trendy colors that reflect the current market preferences, ensuring that you always have access to the latest color options.

Upcoming Color Launches

We are always working on introducing new colors and designs to our range. Our team is continuously researching market trends and customer feedback to develop exciting and innovative color options. Be on the lookout for our upcoming color launches.

Market Preferences

We take customer preferences and market trends into consideration when developing new colors for our Blender Bottles. Whether it’s the demand for vibrant neon hues or the popularity of sleek metallic finishes, we aim to provide our customers with options that suit their unique style and taste.

As you can see, Blender Bottles come in a wide range of colors and designs to suit every individual’s style and preferences. From standard colors to limited editions and customizable options, there is a Blender Bottle for everyone. Whether you prefer a classic black bottle or a vibrant neon option, our collection has something to match your taste. So stay hydrated and stylish with a Blender Bottle that reflects your personality and helps you reach your fitness goals.

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