Vitamix Professional Series 200 Deluxe Blender
Vitamix Professional Series 200 Deluxe Blender

If you don’t have a Vitamix yet, this is an incredible bargain! That’s a discount of $164 and the best price on record for this product!

I love my Vitamix blender and recommend it to everyone as a must-have kitchen appliance that performs above the rest of the blenders in its category.

Features Vitamix Deluxe Blender

Best for full control

The 9-speed settings you get with this blender truly distinguish it as an expert caliber unit.

With this level of speed settings, you are truly going to be capable of having full control over whatever you are doing.

The blender’s competence permits users to take a personalized approach to their blending, but it does not account for the learning curve.

If you are used to using a blender with many preprogrammed settings, you may find that this unit takes some getting used to.

Anyway, once you adjust to the learning curve, you will enjoy top levels of control.

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Best for big batch blending

The 64-ounce jar that comes with this unit makes sure that you will make blended batches with ease.

To put this in context, 64 ounces is the fluid equivalent of a one-half gallon.

Possibilities are, no matter how huge your family, one half-gallon is going to be enough to provide every person their own smoothie in one batch.

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High powered motor

This unit also specs a high-powered 2.2 horsepower motor. This kitchen tool’s extreme power means that you will not have any issue at all blending whole vegetables and fruits.

The professional series is so strong that the blades make enough friction for you to turn chill ingredients piping warm in just 6 minutes.

This spec means that you can make perfect soups in one container. You may not need that level of power, but it is definitely perfect to have.

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End words

There is no question that the Vitamix 200 professional series is the best blender.

The power, the settings, the container size all make sure that it will be a well-received addition to most kitchens.

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Vitamix Series 200 Blender for All Your Blending Needs

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