How Long Will my Juice Last in the Fridge
How Long Will my Juice Last in the Fridge

Freshly Squeezed Juices Can Stay Good for 2 Days.

How long will the juice last in the fridge?

How do you know when to drink it, so it doesn’t go wrong? How long does fresh juice stay suitable, and how can you tell if your freshly squeezed juices have gone wrong?

These are all fundamental questions, especially if you like to make a lot of batches at once.

Just How Long Does Homemade Juice Last

Read on to learn more about the shelf life of juicing and how to keep your drinks as fresh as possible!

How long will my juice last in the fridge?

Freshly squeezed juices can be stored for up to two days. However, if you’re making a lot of batches at once and running out of time to drink them all within that timeframe, stick with storing your drinks for no more than one day.

How do I know when it’s time to drink my juice, so it doesn’t go wrong?

The best way is by looking at its appearance: Is any visible mold or fermentation happening inside (usually due to too much air exposure during the juicing process)? Any signs of spoilage like unusual smells or off colors? If not, you’ll have to drink your freshly pressed beverages soon!

The Heat Generator

Juice is usually made with cold ingredients, but heat can be generated during the process.

This doesn’t seem to have much effect on juicing – it may destroy some enzymes and change your drink’s color or flavor slightly, but not enough that you need to worry about what time you juice for this phenomenon to occur.

The Difference For Juicers

One of the most significant factors for how the juice will last is what type of juicing machine you use. With a cold press, your drink won’t have any air exposure, and it’ll stay fresh up to five days after being made. If you make juice with a centrifugal machine, on the other hand, it’s best if you consume it within 24 hours since there may be more oxidization that occurs during the pressing process.

How do I know when my juices are going bad? How long does fruit or vegetable juice last in the fridge? How can you tell time has expired on freshly squeezed beverages before spoiling? These are all critical questions to consider as someone who likes to buy products from their local farmer’s market and store them at home.


Here are some tips for storing juice to make it last longer:

– Store your container out of direct sunlight and away from windows, which can cause light degradation. Direct sun exposure will shorten the life span by 50%. – Keep all juices refrigerated at a temperature between 32°F (0°C) and 38 °F (3.5°C). This is where most fruit rests in nature before being harvested, so this lower range ensures that nutrients aren’t lost due to oxidation or other spoilage processes when not used right after opening, like with milk products.

The higher end of this storage range may be too excellent for many people’s taste preferences, but an average refrigerator setting should work fine as long as you don’t store above 40


Juice stored in glass containers lasts longer because it is less likely to absorb harmful toxins from plastic.

Mason jars are a good choice for storing juice, as they also have oxygen-tight lids that keep out air and create an extra day of shelf life on average.


There are many ways to make your juice last longer. Removing oxygen by filling the container up, adding citric acid, and refrigerating it will give you a healthier shelf life of about 72 hours if done correctly.

It’s vital that before consuming any fruit or vegetable juices with these methods applied for long-term storage, taste them first because they may be spoiled from improper handlings, such as fermentation during their peak freshness period when consumed within 24 hours after being in the fridge.

If you follow this three-step process along with making sure only produce is used at its peak ripeness level, then there’s no need to worry about spoilage too much, but also remember not more than one day past the consumption date (24 hrs)

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Happy Juicing!

How long will my juice last in the fridge? – You’ve read it correctly; you’re not just paranoid.

How to store your freshly squeezed produce is a crucial step that should never be overlooked because most people don’t know how much time they have before their fruit or vegetable juices spoil.

There are many ways to make your fresh-squeezed juice last longer, but first and foremost: keep them refrigerated!

The closer to 40 degrees Fahrenheit (or below), the better; anything over 50 degrees can cause other spoilage processes, like milk products, when used outside its peak ripeness range.

Unless, of course, if stored at room temperature prior, transferring into the refrigerator would also suffice.

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