can masticating juicers extract juice from pomegranates 1
can masticating juicers extract juice from pomegranates 1

Interested in making your own fresh and delicious pomegranate juice at home? Wondering if a masticating juicer is the right tool for the job? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating world of masticating juicers and their ability to extract juice from pomegranates. Prepare to be amazed at the results and discover a whole new level of juicing satisfaction right in your own kitchen!

Masticating Juicers

If you’re someone who loves fresh, homemade juice packed with nutrients, then you’ve probably heard of masticating juicers. These juicers are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to retain more vitamins, enzymes, and minerals compared to other juicer types. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of juicers, specifically focusing on masticating juicers and their efficiency in extracting juice from a notoriously challenging fruit – the pomegranate.

Types of Juicers

Before delving into the world of masticating juicers, it’s important to understand the two main types of juicers available on the market. The first type is the centrifugal juicer, which uses high-speed spinning blades to separate the juice from the pulp. These juicers are quick and efficient, making them a popular choice for those who want juice in a hurry. However, they tend to generate more heat and oxygen, potentially leading to reduced nutrient content and shorter shelf life of the juice.

On the other hand, masticating juicers work at a slower speed and use an auger or gear system to grind and crush fruits and vegetables. This slow yet powerful method allows them to extract a higher quantity of juice while preserving the delicate nutrients. Masticating juicers are also more versatile, capable of extracting juice from a wide variety of produce, even the tough ones like wheatgrass and pomegranates.

Can Masticating Juicers Extract Juice From Pomegranates?

Benefits of Masticating Juicers

One of the biggest advantages of masticating juicers is their ability to retain the nutritional value of the produce. The slow grinding and chewing-like action of the auger ensure that enzymes, vitamins, and minerals remain intact, resulting in a juice that is rich in both taste and nutrients.

Additionally, masticating juicers produce a higher yield of juice compared to centrifugal juicers. The efficient squeezing and grinding process utilized by masticating juicers extract every last drop of juice from the produce, leaving behind drier pulp. This not only means you get more juice from the same amount of fruits and vegetables but also helps you save money in the long run.

Another benefit of masticating juicers is their versatility. While centrifugal juicers may struggle with fibrous vegetables and leafy greens, masticating juicers handle them with ease. Their slow and steady grinding process ensures that you can extract juice from even the toughest produce, opening up a whole world of possibilities for nutritious and delicious juice combinations.

Efficiency of Masticating Juicers

Now that we’ve established the benefits of masticating juicers, let’s examine their efficiency when it comes to extracting juice from pomegranates. Pomegranates are notorious for their tough outer skin and numerous seeds, making them a challenge for many juicers. However, masticating juicers are up to the task.

The slow grinding action of a masticating juicer allows it to effectively break down the tough outer skin of the pomegranate, ensuring that no precious juice is left behind. The auger crushes the seeds and gently separates them from the juice, resulting in a smooth and pulp-free pomegranate juice that retains all its nutritional value.

Masticating Juicers and Pomegranates

As mentioned earlier, masticating juicers are versatile and capable of handling even the trickiest fruits and vegetables. When it comes to pomegranates, masticating juicers excel in extracting juice without any hassle.

To extract juice from a pomegranate using a masticating juicer, simply cut the fruit in half and hold it, cut side down, against the juicer feed chute. The slow spinning of the auger will effectively grind and crush the pomegranate, extracting every last drop of juice. The seeds and pulp will be separated and collected in a separate container, leaving you with pure and delicious pomegranate juice.

Technical Features

Before purchasing a masticating juicer for your pomegranate needs, it’s important to consider a few technical features. First and foremost, look for a juicer with a slow RPM (revolutions per minute) rate. The lower the RPM, the better, as this ensures that the juice retains its nutritional value and doesn’t overheat during the extraction process.

Also, pay attention to the size of the juicer’s feed chute. A wider feed chute makes it easier to process larger pieces of fruits and vegetables, meaning less preparation time for you. Additionally, look for a juicer with an adjustable pulp control feature, allowing you to customize the pulpiness of your pomegranate juice according to your taste preferences.

Tips for Juicing Pomegranates with a Masticating Juicer

To ensure the best results when juicing pomegranates with a masticating juicer, here are a few handy tips:

  1. Utilize room temperature pomegranates: Cold fruits can be harder to juice, so it’s recommended to let your pomegranates reach room temperature before juicing them.

  2. Avoid overfilling the juicer: While masticating juicers are efficient, it’s important not to overload them with too many pomegranate seeds at once. Feed the juicer a few seeds at a time to ensure optimal juice extraction.

  3. Mix and match with other fruits: Pomegranate juice pairs well with various other fruits, such as oranges, apples, and berries. Experiment with different combinations to create unique and delicious juice blends.

  4. Strain if desired: While masticating juicers generally produce smooth juice, you can strain it through a sieve if you prefer a pulp-free experience.


In conclusion, masticating juicers are a fantastic option for extracting juice from pomegranates and a wide range of other fruits and vegetables. Their slow grinding action, high yield, and nutrient-rich juice make them a popular choice among health enthusiasts and juice lovers alike. So, if you’re looking to enjoy the health benefits and delicious taste of homemade pomegranate juice, a masticating juicer is your perfect juicing companion. Happy juicing!

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