are there masticating juicers with a self cleaning feature 1
are there masticating juicers with a self cleaning feature 1

Looking for a hassle-free way to enjoy freshly squeezed juice every day? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll explore the world of masticating juicers and their self-cleaning feature. Say goodbye to tedious cleaning routines and hello to a convenient and efficient juicing experience. Get ready to discover the wonders of masticating juicers with a self-cleaning feature and how they can revolutionize your juicing game. So, let’s dive in and find out more!

What is a masticating juicer?

A masticating juicer is a type of juicer that uses a slow and gentle process to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. Unlike centrifugal juicers, which rely on high-speed spinning blades to extract juice, a masticating juicer uses a single auger or gear to crush and grind the produce, effectively breaking down the cell walls and releasing the juice. This result in a higher yield of juice with better nutrient retention and less oxidation.


A masticating juicer, also known as a slow juicer or cold press juicer, is a juicing machine that operates at a slower speed than traditional juicers. This slower speed allows for a more thorough extraction of juice from fruits and vegetables, resulting in a higher quality and more nutrient-rich juice. Masticating juicers can handle a wide range of produce, from leafy greens to hard root vegetables, making them versatile and efficient.

Working Principle

The working principle of a masticating juicer involves the use of a single auger or gear that rotates at a slow speed, typically around 80 to 100 RPM (rotations per minute). As the produce is fed into the juicer, the auger crushes and grinds it, separating the juice from the pulp. The juice is then collected and the pulp is expelled through a separate outlet. The slow speed of the juicer minimizes heat generation and oxidation, preserving the nutritional value and flavor of the juice.

Benefits of a masticating juicer

Masticating juicers offer several benefits over other types of juicers. Firstly, they produce a higher yield of juice, extracting more juice from the same amount of produce. This not only helps to save money in the long run but also ensures that you get the most out of your fruits and vegetables. Secondly, masticating juicers operate at a slower speed, which means less heat is generated during the juicing process. This helps to preserve the natural enzymes and nutrients in the juice, resulting in a higher quality and more nutritious end product. Lastly, masticating juicers are versatile and can handle a wide variety of produce, including leafy greens, wheatgrass, and even nuts and seeds, allowing you to create a wide range of juices and other healthy concoctions.

Importance of self-cleaning feature

Cleaning a juicer after each use can often be a tedious and time-consuming task. However, with the advent of self-cleaning masticating juicers, this chore has become significantly easier and more convenient. The self-cleaning feature of these juicers offers several benefits that make them a worthwhile investment.


One of the key advantages of a self-cleaning masticating juicer is the time-saving aspect. Traditional juicers require manual cleaning, which involves disassembling the juicing components, scrubbing them, and drying them before reassembling. This process can take up a significant amount of time, especially if you juice regularly. However, with a self-cleaning masticating juicer, the cleaning process is automated, allowing you to save time and energy that can be better spent enjoying your freshly made juice.


In addition to saving time, a self-cleaning masticating juicer also saves you effort. With traditional juicers, cleaning can be a laborious task that requires physical effort and perseverance. On the other hand, a self-cleaning juicer simplifies the cleaning process and reduces the physical effort required. By automating the cleaning process, you can simply activate the self-cleaning mode and let the juicer do the work for you, eliminating the need for manual scrubbing and rinsing.

Ease of use

Another advantage of self-cleaning masticating juicers is their ease of use. Most self-cleaning juicers have a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to operate them. With just a few button presses, you can activate the self-cleaning mode and let the juicer take care of the rest. This makes the juicing experience more enjoyable and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on the delicious and nutritious juice you are about to enjoy.

Hygiene and maintenance

Maintaining a clean and hygienic juicer is essential for ensuring the longevity of the machine and the quality of the juice it produces. Self-cleaning masticating juicers typically have dedicated cleaning modes and settings that thoroughly cleanse all the juicing components, including hard-to-reach areas. This helps to remove any residual pulp or debris that may accumulate over time, preventing the buildup of bacteria or mold. By regularly using the self-cleaning feature, you can maintain a high level of hygiene and reduce the risk of contamination in your juice.

Types of juicers with self-cleaning feature

Not all juicers come with a self-cleaning feature. Therefore, it is important to understand the types of juicers that offer this convenient function.

Masticating juicers with self-cleaning

Masticating juicers are a common type of juicer that often includes a self-cleaning feature. These juicers are designed to operate at a slow speed, which enhances juice quality and nutritional value. Many masticating juicers incorporate a self-cleaning function that allows for easy and efficient cleaning of the juicing components. This is achieved through the use of specialized cleaning modes and settings that ensure thorough cleaning of all the internal parts.

Other juicer types with self-cleaning

While masticating juicers are often associated with self-cleaning capabilities, there are other types of juicers on the market that also offer this feature. For example, some centrifugal juicers, which operate at high speeds and are known for their quick juicing capabilities, include a self-cleaning function. These juicers typically have a dedicated cleaning mode that flushes water through the juicing chamber, effectively rinsing away any pulp or residue. Additionally, some hybrid juicers combine the features of both masticating and centrifugal juicers, and these models may also come with a self-cleaning option.

Are There Masticating Juicers With A Self-cleaning Feature?

How do self-cleaning masticating juicers work?

Self-cleaning masticating juicers utilize an automatic cleaning process to efficiently cleanse the juicing components after each use.

Automatic cleaning process

When activated, the self-cleaning mode initiates a series of cleaning cycles that effectively remove any remnants of pulp or juice from the juicer’s components. Depending on the model, these cycles may include a pre-rinse, soaking, scrubbing, and a final rinse. The juicer’s internal mechanisms and specialized cleaning brushes work together to thoroughly cleanse all parts involved in the juicing process, ensuring that no residue or buildup remains.

Components involved in self-cleaning

The self-cleaning process primarily focuses on the key components of the juicer, including the auger or gear, juicing screen, and other juicing attachments. These components are responsible for extracting and filtering the juice, and they can accumulate pulp or residue over time. Self-cleaning masticating juicers often have specially designed brushes or bristles that rotate and scrub these components, dislodging any remaining pulp or debris.

Cleaning modes and settings

Self-cleaning masticating juicers typically offer different cleaning modes or settings to cater to varying cleaning needs. Some models may have a quick-cleaning mode for light cleaning or a thorough-cleaning mode for more intensive cleaning. Additionally, certain juicers may allow you to customize the cleaning duration or intensity based on your preferences. These versatile settings ensure that the juicer is thoroughly cleaned according to your specific requirements.

Factors to consider when buying a self-cleaning masticating juicer

When choosing a self-cleaning masticating juicer, there are several important factors to consider. These factors can help ensure that you select a juicer that not only offers a self-cleaning feature but also meets your specific needs and preferences.

Cleaning effectiveness

The primary factor to consider when buying a self-cleaning masticating juicer is the effectiveness of its cleaning mechanism. Look for a juicer that has positive reviews regarding its self-cleaning capabilities. Read customer feedback and expert reviews to determine if the juicer effectively removes pulp and residue without requiring additional manual cleaning.

Ease of disassembly

Apart from the self-cleaning feature, the ease of disassembly is an important consideration. A juicer with components that can be easily taken apart allows for thorough cleaning and maintenance. Look for a juicer that offers tool-free disassembly and reassembly, making the cleaning process quick and hassle-free.

Build quality and durability

Investing in a high-quality juicer that is built to last is crucial. Consider the construction and materials used in the juicer’s design, as well as the reputation of the manufacturer. A durable juicer will withstand regular use and cleaning without showing signs of wear and tear, ensuring its longevity and performance.

Available cleaning accessories

Some self-cleaning masticating juicers may come with additional cleaning accessories that enhance the cleaning process. These accessories may include specialized cleaning brushes, cleaning solutions, or dishwasher-safe components. Evaluate the available cleaning accessories and determine if they align with your cleaning preferences and requirements.

Benefits of using a masticating juicer with self-cleaning feature

Choosing a masticating juicer with a self-cleaning feature offers several advantages for juicing enthusiasts.

Efficient juicing

Masticating juicers are known for their efficiency in extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. When combined with a self-cleaning feature, these juicers provide an efficient and convenient juicing experience. The self-cleaning mechanism ensures that the juicer stays clean between uses, allowing for consistent and high-quality juice production.

Convenience and time-saving

The self-cleaning feature of masticating juicers eliminates the need for manual cleaning and reduces the time required for maintenance. By automating the cleaning process, you can enjoy more convenience and save valuable time that can be better spent on other tasks. Simply activate the self-cleaning mode and let the juicer take care of the rest.

Improved hygiene

Maintaining a clean and hygienic juicer is essential for ensuring the safety and quality of your juice. A self-cleaning masticating juicer helps to improve hygiene by thoroughly cleaning all the juicer’s components, eliminating any residual pulp or debris that may otherwise harbor bacteria or mold. This ensures that you are always working with a clean and safe juicer.

Reduced maintenance efforts

Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity and performance of any juicer. With a self-cleaning masticating juicer, the maintenance efforts are significantly reduced. The automated cleaning process prevents the buildup of pulp or residue, reducing the need for regular manual cleaning or deep cleaning. This saves you time and effort while still ensuring the overall cleanliness and functionality of the juicer.

Popular masticating juicers with self-cleaning feature

There are several popular masticating juicers on the market that offer a self-cleaning feature. These juicers have garnered positive reviews and are known for their performance and cleaning capabilities.

Brand A – Model XYZ

The Brand A Model XYZ is a highly regarded masticating juicer that features a self-cleaning function. This juicer offers a user-friendly interface with dedicated cleaning modes for quick and efficient cleaning. It is praised for its durability and high juice yield, making it a popular choice among juicing enthusiasts.

Brand B – Model LMN

Another top-rated masticating juicer with a self-cleaning feature is the Brand B Model LMN. This juicer is known for its ease of use and value for money. The self-cleaning mode ensures that all juicing components are thoroughly cleaned, and its compact design makes it ideal for those with limited counter space.

Brand C – Model PQR

The Brand C Model PQR is a versatile masticating juicer that offers both high-quality juicing and a self-cleaning feature. This juicer boasts multiple cleaning modes and settings, allowing you to customize the cleaning process according to your preferences. Its sturdy construction and quiet operation make it a popular choice among juicing enthusiasts.

Comparison of masticating juicers with self-cleaning feature

When considering different masticating juicers with self-cleaning capabilities, it is important to compare their key features and specifications. Several factors can help you make an informed decision.

Price range

The price range of masticating juicers with self-cleaning features can vary significantly. Consider your budget and determine which juicer offers the best value for your money. It is important to strike a balance between price and quality, ensuring that you invest in a juicer that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

Juicing efficiency

Evaluate the juicing efficiency of each juicer by considering its juice yield, pulp dryness, and ability to handle various types of produce. Look for juicers that are known for extracting a high yield of juice without excess pulp. The efficiency of the juicer’s self-cleaning feature should also be considered, as a well-designed cleaning mechanism can enhance the overall juicing experience.

Cleaning effectiveness

Pay attention to the effectiveness of the self-cleaning feature in each juicer. Read reviews and customer feedback to determine if the juicer thoroughly cleans all the components, leaving no residue or buildup. A juicer with a reliable self-cleaning feature will save you time and effort in the long run.

Additional features

Consider any additional features or functionalities that the juicers offer. Some masticating juicers may include extra attachments or settings that enhance the juicing experience. These features can range from adjustable pulp control to noise reduction technology. Prioritize the features that align with your specific needs and preferences.

Tips for using and maintaining a self-cleaning masticating juicer

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your self-cleaning masticating juicer, consider the following tips for proper usage and maintenance.

Follow manufacturer’s instructions

Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for operating and maintaining your juicer. Each juicer may have specific guidelines and recommendations that you should follow to avoid any damage or malfunction.

Regular cleaning and maintenance

While a self-cleaning feature can significantly reduce the cleaning efforts, it is still important to perform regular maintenance on your juicer. This includes disassembling the juicer after each use, rinsing the components, and ensuring that no residue remains. Regular maintenance helps to prevent the buildup of pulp or debris and ensures the longevity of the juicer.

Proper handling and storage

Handle your juicer with care to avoid any mishaps or damage. Be mindful of the juicer’s weight and size, as some models may require extra caution when moving or storing. When not in use, store your juicer in a cool and dry place, protected from moisture or direct sunlight.

Troubleshooting common issues

In case of any issues or malfunctions with your juicer, refer to the troubleshooting guide provided by the manufacturer. Common issues such as clogging, inconsistent juicing, or unusual noises may have simple solutions that can be resolved without professional assistance. By troubleshooting minor issues, you can minimize downtime and keep your juicer running smoothly.


Masticating juicers with a self-cleaning feature offer a convenient and efficient way to enjoy fresh and nutritious juice. With their slow and gentle extraction process and automated cleaning capabilities, these juicers provide superior juice quality and require less maintenance compared to traditional juicers. When choosing a self-cleaning masticating juicer, consider factors such as cleaning effectiveness, ease of disassembly, build quality, and available cleaning accessories. By investing in a self-cleaning masticating juicer, you can enjoy the benefits of effortless juicing, improved hygiene, and reduced maintenance efforts.

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